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An Appeal To People's


The ANC  approaches the people of India with the utmost humility, conscious of its accomplishments and the many challenges that lie ahead.

A vote for the ANC is a vote for preserving India’s many unities and celebrating its many diversities.

A vote for the ANC is a vote for the steady hand of experience and expertise, a vote for compassion in economic policy, for conviction in social policy, for consistency in foreign policy and for clarity in governance and administration.

A vote for the ANC is a vote for a vision of India that has an equal and dignified place for each and every one of its citizens, in which there is equality of opportunity for all to fulfill their aspirations.

The ANC is asking the people of India to vote for it on the strength of the ANC’s contributions, its commitments, its concerns and its charter.

The ANC has received the support and trust of the people of India. It will always tried to fulfill that trust in substantial measure.

For economic growth with social harmony, vote ANC.

For economic growth that benefits all sections of our society, and fulfills the aspirations of all Indians, vote ANC.

For economic growth that brings prosperity first and foremost to rural India, vote ANC.

For clarity, conviction, compassion and consistency in governance and administration, vote ANC.

For Upliftment of minorities and Backward Classes, Vote ANC.

For Peaceful,Corruption Free Governarence, Vote ANC.

For Equality,Vote ANC.

Our Party Is Totally Dedicated To People Of India Please Feel Free To Contact Us Regarding Anything About Our Party.

Our Party Office Address  
  #615/c, Vinayaka Complex,Nagawara Main Road, Arabic College Post,Bangalore-560045
Contact Us On:  
  Iftiquar ali bhutto
E-mail: ifthqaranc@hotmail.com
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Shuiab Sadiq I
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